Start 2019 off with a HIT - Make January the highest performing month for your business!

So, 2018 is wrapping up and you’re looking for new ways to boost your business, and only as 2019 comes to a sudden beginning, right? It’s known that January is one of the least effective times for new advertisements and marketing efforts (except for the infamous Super Bowl :p). So how is January suppose to be a successful month for your business? ENTER - The Ozone

Our team recommendations: Think about your own habits, tendencies, preferences. Then use those to capitalize on what your business does well!

Alright, so, let’s say you’re a potential customer who has never heard of your business or mission. As January begins, lethargy sets in just as the snow continues to fall and temperatures remain at their lowest. Thankfully for you, the savvy business owner, this can be a time to capitalize! Okay, back to role playing as the customer. You still have money to spend and if you find a way to bring positivity and/or get new toys that will help you enjoy this dreary time of year… that’ll be the best thing money can buy, right? So what do you want? Something to keep warm? Something to lift the mood, maybe a happy message to bring joy to the day? ANYTHING to motivate and start the year off on a good foot! So as the ‘savvy business owner’, all of a sudden you notice that the products in your boutique might be especially attractive for the consumer that needs a bit of comfort in their home, or trendy, new, clothes to wear that couldn’t be bought at the big retailers during Christmas. Why not focus your marketing efforts on that aspect for your products (or services) to not only bring happiness and positivity, but what will inevitably follow.. more business and new customers!!

Assess your strengths this holiday season by doing some retrospective thinking, and make January your top performing month!!

Happy selling, and, of course, happy holidays!