Resort Campaign | Philippines

Creative Development | Direction | Film Production | Photography


“Living LIfe to The Fullest”

Panglao’s best beach destination

As our second visit to this beautiful property, we were proud to produce a new branding video, styled after our previous collaboration, to extend the, already great, results for SOuth Palms Resort.

Working closely with South Palms Resort is, needless to say, an incredible experience. It’s never hard to make such an amazing location look, well, amazing! Our team worked around the clock, over seas for two weeks, helping the wonderful people at South Palms up their branding and expand their digital presence, commercially, and on site.


  • main Campaign Branding Promo / Designed for social media, as well as for theatre and tv delivery

  • two individual videos | mainly targeted for social media - focused on beauty as well as the resorts many amenities

  • Photography | grounds - aerial - activities






Highlighting the best of the best at South Palms Resort, the first installment of the campaign was created to live on social media and in line with their website style.


Focused intently on displaying the elegance and attention to detailed that is iconic of South Palms decor - as well as the high quality care that the staff treats each and every guest with. How could you not want to be pampered in such an amazing location.