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(multi platfrom - social media, TV, etc.)

A project 2 years in the making - the city of Lowell is seeing unprecedented growth as influxes of, not only visitors, but permanent residents are flocking to a city with..

- The most Park land in Kent County -

- The Nationally recognized & Iconic Showboat -


- Some of the best Real Estate and Public services in West Michigan -


As our most lengthy and in depth project to date, it became one of our favorites. The city quickly showed our team the meaning of community and what all is available in West Michigan. We hope everyone watching is able to feel the passion and drive that moves this city at its heart!


Parks & Recreation (TV)

With the most park land in Kent County, visiting/living in lowell allows you to explore the outdoors like no where else. What better way to capture the essence of Nature than with Aerial drone shots and ASMr.


History (TV)

The history in lowell goes back almost two Centuries (1831) into the ages when native americans were the first inhabitants. Our team knew that Displaying this historic diversity would be crucial in attracting people of all demographics and interests.


Home to world class artists, there is no shortage of creative potential or inspiration in Lowell, and this couldn’t be more clearly seen throughout the downtown area itself. Our team enlisted the help of local talent to pull of the capturing the process of a creative.


Arts (extended)

Each generation holds great talent in artistry throughout Lowell. Some of the best talent remains in the Youngest generations. naturally, it would be crucial to capture these artists as well.

A Volunteering community

A huge aspect of this community is community service. we set out to capture the amazing work that is being down throughout the town and it was truly moving for us to see so many hearts being touched through this video.


With some of the highest performing athletic seatings and over 30 extra curricular activities, capturing the full scope of athletic potential in the City of Lowell was a brilliant challenge.

“Find Your Potential”



The Lowell Area School District is in the top 5% nationwide in Standardized test scores. A quick video capturing the schools showed our team exactly why they are outperforming 95% of the nation.

Discover Lowell (TV)

Our amazing clients felt like the campaign would be able to reach each age group and This video aims to do just that. From infant to starting a family of your own, our goal was to exemplify the opportunities available for each group.